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The Ultimate Partnership

Imperial Wagyu Beef is dedicated to sustaining The Ultimate Partnership with our producers. We achieve the ultimate American Wagyu product by using a stringent, holistic production process. We begin with superior genetics from Imperial’s herd of specially selected Wagyu sires. When bred with top performing cows, the result is calving ease and hardy offspring. We partner with proud American ranchers and farm families who raise calves under natural, sustainable conditions. Our process contributes to the production of the highest quality beef product on the market – for a consistently marbled, flavorful and tender cut of beef that yields a premium market price.

Imperial Wagyu Beef is recognized as the best all natural American Wagyu beef by chefs and connoisseurs across the country. We continue to accomplish this through a strict holistic program using the right genetics, partnering with producers/ranchers who share our passion to produce the best, feeding partners who feed the old-fashioned way, a harvest facility focused on safety and quality, and an exceptional marketing team working with some of the finest distributors, retailers and restaurants across the U.S.


Producer Benefits:

  • Full Blood bull lease option
  • Premiums over market price
  • Contract options
  • Fetal programing, nutrition and vaccination consulting
  • Performance data
  • Partnering with a successful and elite team
  • No marketing costs
  • Resources for replacement cows that are a good match for our program

Program Guidelines:

  • Use of registered Wagyu Bulls
  • Superior performing cow herd
  • Humane handling practices
  • Calf care
    • Must remain all natural – no implants, hormones, growth promotants or antibiotics
    • Creep feed and fence wean
    • Double vaccinate
    • Individual identification – ear tags
    • Birthdate records
    • Dehorn and castrate
    • Superior animal husbandry skills
      Verified mineral and vaccination program for cows
      Vegetarian fed (no animal byproducts)
      If calves need to be treated, they must be identified and recorded

Breed Benefits:

  • Calving ease
  • Hardy calves
  • High libido bulls

Whether you have F1 Wagyu calves to sell or are just getting started and you share our vision to be the preferred and most trusted resource for premium Wagyu beef, contact us for more information on how to join our team. We are dedicated to excellence in all aspects of the beef industry and that includes focusing on quality relationships with great people.
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