How to order wagyu beef online

How to Buy Wagyu Beef Online: Advice for First-Timers

Apr 15, 2021 |  Featured Post

Where to buy, what to look for, what to expect and more when you order American Wagyu beef online.

Truly amazing beef, like Imperial American Wagyu, can transform any occasion into a full-blown celebration. Raised to high standards from cattle with exceptional genetics and offering unmatched texture and flavor, it sometimes isn’t at your local grocery store – but that doesn’t mean it’s unavailable to you. Buying Wagyu beef online and getting it shipped right to your home has never been easier.

A number of online marketplaces exist for buying American Wagyu beef. You might be considering one of these to buy Wagyu beef in bulk to stock up your freezer, or to join one of their subscription clubs and receive recurring orders to your home, or just to make a one-time purchase for a special meal. A big advantage of buying from these marketplaces is that they often offer more specialty cuts, giving you a variety of delicious options to choose from.

If you’re new to ordering Wagyu beef online, here’s some helpful advice for where to shop, what to look for, and what to expect in terms of shipping and delivery.

Best Places to Buy Wagyu Beef Online

With dozens of online meat delivery companies popping up recently, where does one start? Simplify your search by heading straight for one of Imperial American Wagyu’s trusted online retail partners, like Fairway Packing Shop, DeBragga, or Market House.

These online meat retailers share a common dedication for connecting their customers with the highest-quality beef they can find, from producers that prioritize sustainable practices and raising cattle naturally. That, of course, is why they chose to partner with Imperial American Wagyu Beef.

One online meat retailer in particular that home chefs have been raving about is Minnesota-based Market House. Founded by a group of food enthusiasts who share a passion for high-quality meats and seafood, Market House is proud to provide superior meats that are accessible to all. That’s a huge reason why they have caught the attention of ABC, NBC, Forbes, Business Insider, Men’s Journal, and many other major media outlets.

Market House offers American Wagyu Beef that can be ordered and delivered to your doorstep the next day, provided you order by 3pm EST Monday through Thursday. Imperial’s American Wagyu strip steaks, tenderloin filets, ribeyes, chuck roasts, and 75/25 ground beef are all available for purchase.

What to Look for When Shopping for American Wagyu Beef Online

One of the main reasons people are hesitant to purchase meat or other food products online is because they prefer to handpick the items themselves. Many feel it is just easier to ensure quality that way.

However, you can avoid feeling like you’re playing a game of food-quality roulette by keeping an eye out for:

  • Detailed shipping info
    • The logistics of shipping frozen beef across long distances is one of the biggest challenges for online meat retailers. Even so, most meat delivery companies have found a combination of shipping services and thermal technologies that transport American Wagyu beef to your door in premium condition. Check that their shipping information or FAQ section clearly explains how its shipping process maintains product quality en route to your home, as well as how to reach them should something go wrong. Lack of clear information is a big red flag. (For more related to shipping meat, see “How Shipping Works” below.)
  • Transparency about sourcing
    • Similarly, purveyors of truly premium beef have nothing to hide about where they source their beef from, and most are able to tell you exactly where the producers are located and where the beef is coming from. On top of that, the best online meat markets will also communicate what standards the beef has been raised to, including diet and whether they use antibiotics or added hormones.
  • Pride in their customer service
    • This may be the most important bit of advice if you have reservations about ordering American Wagyu beef online. Scope out an online meat market’s page explaining how they handle refunds, returns, and other customer service issues. Most of these companies pride themselves on their customer service and will go above and beyond to make sure your experience is top-notch in order to have you as a repeat customer. If you don’t get that sense, feel free to shop elsewhere.

How Shipping Works When Ordering American Wagyu Beef Online

Shipping is always a huge concern for products like meat that can easily spoil. Here’s how the majority of trustworthy online meat sellers, like Market House, do it:

  1. They’ll maintain a strict shipping schedule with cut-offs for whether purchases made that day will still be shipped or will wait for the next shipping day. Also, they’ll typically only ship orders Monday through Thursday so no products get stuck in limbo over the weekend. If you’re planning to order American Wagyu beef for a special weekend occasion, verify if you need to order a few days ahead in order to receive the beef in time.
  2. They’ll use overnight or express 1-2 day shipping, as it’s the best way to guarantee meat isn’t out for longer than it can stay frozen. Overnight shipping can add a significant amount to the total cost; however, many online meat sellers, like Market House, offer free shipping once a minimum order value is met. Another option is to consider an online meat retailer’s subscription service. Many online retailers will waive shipping costs for customers who sign up for recurring orders.
  3. They’ll flash-freeze their Wagyu beef. By rapidly freezing meat at very low temperatures beyond what your household freezer is capable of, flash-freezing is actually the best way to prepare meat for shipping. It seals in the Wagyu beef’s natural juices and flavor and protects the meat fibers for the most tender product possible.
  4. They’ll utilize thermal technologies to keep your Wagyu beef at low temperatures, often with some combination of foam insulation or thermal bags and dry ice or ice packs to slow down the thawing process as much as possible. Meat can stay safely frozen for up to 36 hours this way. (Note: If they use dry ice, be careful not to touch it with bare hands when unboxing—use gloves or a towel if you need to remove dry ice from a package.)
  5. They’ll send notification emails and share tracking information, so you know where your product is along its journey from their meat locker to your home.

What to Do Once Your American Wagyu Arrives

It’s best to bring your Wagyu beef in as soon as it is delivered and store it in either your refrigerator or your freezer, since the weather—particularly the heat of summer—can risk thawing it out if left out too long.

Under most circumstances, your meat will still be frozen, and if you’re planning on eating it soon, you should put in the fridge to thaw for 24 hours before preparing. Pro tip: we recommend putting your meat in a bowl or on a plate while it thaws for two reasons. First, this will save clean-up time if any juices should leak out. Second, and more importantly, the bowl or plate will help protect your other refrigerated food items from those raw-meat juices which can be a potential food-safety issue.

If you’re not planning on eating your American Wagyu beef immediately, then you should store it in your freezer, where it’ll keep for the next two to three months and still offer premium taste and texture.

Ordering meat online may feel as risky as buying a car sight unseen. But Imperial American Wagyu Beef is proud to partner with online retailers that help to distribute unforgettable American Wagyu Beef to your doorstep in nothing but a few clicks, giving you the fine dining eating experience you deserve in the comfort of your own home.

Not sure how to prepare your Wagyu beef once it arrives? Here are five different ways you can try cooking Wagyu at home.