Deluxe Combo (Gift Box)


Included in Sample Combo Gift Box:
• (2) 12oz Wagyu Ribeye Steak
• (2) 12oz Wagyu Strip Steak
• (2) 8oz Wagyu Filet
• (12) 1/3 Lb Wagyu Beef Patties



Wow! This gift box combines four customer favorites in one! Imperial Wagyu beef selections are known for exceptional marbling, tenderness, and unforgettable flavor. The Imperial Wagyu Winner includes: (2) 8 oz. Imperial Wagyu Filets that are big enough to share; (2) mouthwatering, 12 oz. portions of Imperial Wagyu Ribeye; (2) 12 oz. buttery NY strip steaks; and (12) ⅓ lb. patties made from our 100% American-raised, all-natural Wagyu beef. When you give the gift of excellence, you’re sure to please any crowd.

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