Health Benefits

Wagyu beef has an abundant amount of marbling that leads to its superior taste, tenderness and juiciness. But is all of this marbling healthy?

As a matter of fact, when consumed as part of a well-balanced healthy diet, it is.

Wagyu Beef Is Healthier, Naturally

Research shows that the beef from long-fed Wagyu cattle naturally contains more Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, as well as more monounsaturated fatty acids (the good fat) than other beef. The percentage of fatty acids affect the texture and “feel” of food in the mouth, particularly in meats. This is one of the genetic benefits of the Wagyu breed and one of the reasons why Wagyu beef is regarded as the finest, most exclusive beef produced in the world.

standardchartAccording to research, the protein in Wagyu beef can help maintain muscle while burning fat as it increases oxygen intake, energy production, and metabolic rate. It also helps maintain cell membranes and increases the body’s production of good prostaglandins – an unsaturated fatty acid that controls smooth muscle contraction, blood pressure, inflammation, and ideal body temperature. Additionally, the increased Omegas 3 and 6 help transport and metabolize triglycerides and cholesterol. Studies have shown that a higher monounsaturated fatty acid in the diet is associated with lower cardio vascular disease.

Good for You, Good for the Environment

Not only will this nutritious, nutrient dense product satisfy your palate, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that Imperial Wagyu Beef partners with sustainable American family farmers who follow our strict, holistic production process.

The pride of Imperial Wagyu Beef is our USDA-approved all natural claim. Cattle are pasture raised before entering our nutritionist guided, 100% vegetarian feeding phase. They are never EVER given growth hormones or stimulants during their life. Imperial Wagyu Beef staff provide in-house grading and quality assurance during fabrication at USDA-inspected facilities. We produce some of the finest, all natural beef in the world by adhering to a natural production process that is better for everyone – from start to finish.


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