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At Imperial American Wagyu Beef, we’re dedicated to producing the finest quality beef in the American Wagyu industry. Partner-Producers who share that passion are crucial to achieving that goal and experience the benefits that come with producing beef sought out by connoisseurs and chefs throughout the country.

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Key Benefits

Get in touch with us below to learn more about the full benefits of producing Imperial American Wagyu Beef.

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Premium Market Price

Chefs and connoisseurs view American Wagyu beef as a luxury item, and are willing to pay accordingly.

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Procurement Assistance

Bull lease options, frozen genetics for A.I., calf buy-back contracts, and more help give you access to F1 Wagyu cattle.

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Fetal programing, nutrition, and vaccination consulting, as well as performance data and input from our expert team arm you with what you need to produce high-quality beef.

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Selective Distribution

We partner with well-respected specialty protein purveyors throughout the U.S. who create profitable relationships with foodservice and retail partners for efficient and effective distribution.

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Our marketing professionals educate consumers, retailers, and chefs about our products at no cost to you.

Producer Guidelines, at a Glance

To produce Imperial American Wagyu Beef products, we ask our Partner-Producers to raise cattle according to the following standards:

  • Use registered Wagyu Bulls
  • Never give or feed cattle added hormones
  • Practice industry standards of humane handling practices
  • Utilize top-quality animal husbandry skills
  • Provide individual identification (ear tags) and supply birth date records
  • Ensure source-verification through records

Contact us below for information on breed benefits and F1 Wagyu requirements, or to receive our full list of producer guidelines.

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