A Higher Standard of American Wagyu Beef

Legendary Bloodlines, Unmatched Marbling

From our beginnings, we’ve worked closely with American ranchers to cultivate a herd of premium cattle that produces delicious and delectable American Wagyu beef. Our American Wagyu combines the legendary genetics of Wagyu and top-performing American herds that results in consistently flavorful, highly-marbled beef that meets and exceeds the expectations of both American and foreign palates.

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Wagyu Heritage

Japanese Wagyu cattle have a long history of producing unique muscle fibers and distinct marbling, creating tender, velvety textured beef. Crossing Wagyu and American cattle produces beef with the best qualities of both breeds.

wagyu tenderloin steak with marbling

Authentic Genetics

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Exceptional Taste

wagyu steak strips with excellent marbling and buttery flavor

Buttery Flavors


From start to finish, we keep our beef natural* – no antibiotics ever, no added hormones, and minimally processed – resulting in flavor like no other.

*Natural beef is defined as minimally processed, with no artificial ingredients added.

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Added Hormones

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Vegetarian Fed

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Minimally Processed

Strict Feeding and Handling Protocols

We partner with proud American families across the nation to produce beef according to higher standards. Our cattle are raised on lush green pastures and are fed a grain-based, 100% vegetarian diet for a minimum of 400 days. Their diet is high in fiber because slow growth is key to a quality product.

We monitor all aspects of animal health, nutrition, and care to ensure our standards are met. While our cattle receive vaccinations to protect against and prevent disease, they never receive antibiotics or growth promotants. We also hold all of our producers to the industry standards for humane handling.

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Elevated Grading

At Imperial, we aim to deliver exquisite dining experiences with quality, authentic products. Quality is paramount to ensuring consistent flavor, which led us to develop our own grading system based on the more rigorous Japanese Beef Marbling Standards (BMS) scale. Our staff evaluates marbling and sorts the beef into one of four in-house quality grades, using the Japanese BMS Scale.

Equivalent to USDA Choice (or a “Small to Moderate” marbling score). 4 on the Japanese BMS Scale.

Equivalent to USDA Prime (or a “Slightly Abundant to Abundant” marbling score). 5, 6 or 7 on the Japanese BMS Scale.

Equivalent to a USDA “Very Abundant” marbling score, or a 8 or 9 on the Japanese BMS Scale.

Our highest grade of marbled beef sold, equivalent to a USDA “Extremely Abundant” marbling score, or a 10 or 10+ on the Japanese BMS Scale.

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Sustainable Practices

We’re committed to producing sustainable American Wagyu beef and have been recognized for our practices by the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.

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