Imperial American Wagyu Beef for Retail

Elevated Beef, Elevated Profits

Highly marbled, flavorful, and tender, Imperial American Wagyu Beef is known for its quality and is sought after by beef consumers looking for decadent eating experiences. Our American Wagyu beef distributors reach new customers and maximize their profits with beef that takes any dish or occasion to the next level.

raw wagyu brisket

Higher Marbling Standards

Imperial American Wagyu Beef products grade higher than USDA Prime, so we utilize a grading scale based on the Japanese Beef Marbling Standards to ensure our products deliver the experience for which American Wagyu beef is so well-known.

couples enjoying wagyu beef in restaurant

Give Your Customers an Experience, Not a Product

Widely seen as a delicacy, consumers associate American Wagyu Beef with fine dining. With Imperial American Wagyu Beef products, you give consumers the opportunity to create those experiences right at home, and they’ll reward you accordingly.

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