Valentines Day Wagyu Steak Dinner

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Steak Dinner – It all Starts with Wagyu

Feb 25, 2021 |  Uncategorized

Imperial American Wagyu Steaks are the key to a perfect dinner date this Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day might look a little different, as a stay-at-home date may be the safest route. You can eliminate the rest of the guesswork with this play-by-play guide for an all-around perfect evening.

Read on for tips for everything from where to place the salad fork to drink pairings to dessert ideas, all revolving around the main course starring Imperial American Wagyu Beef.

Master the Main Course: How to Prepare Your Imperial Wagyu Steaks

The easiest decision of the evening is what to serve for the main course. That’s because Imperial American Wagyu Beef instantly transforms any occasion into a celebration.

Coming from legendary Japanese cattle bloodlines and raised to a high standard of care, Imperial American Wagyu Beef produces 100% natural steaks that are unrivaled in marbling, texture, and flavor. All of which makes them the perfect choice for treating your significant other like the king or queen you know they are.

The only question to be asked is which steaks to cook and how to cook them.

The classic route is a strip steak cooked over high heat, like these Grilled New York Strip Steaks with Browned Butter and Fresh Chimichurri. (Imperial American Wagyu Ribeyes would also work well for this recipe.) The butter and chimichurri complement the beefiness of the Wagyu with delicious nutty and herbaceous flavors.

If you’re worried your date might distract you from your chef’s duties—then try this foolproof reverse-sear method on Imperial American Wagyu Tenderloin Filets. Basically, the reverse sear flips the usual script, cooking the steaks in the oven first to reach a perfect temp on the inside before finishing briefly on a piping hot cast-iron pan to get that perfect brown crust on the outside. A horseradish sauce on the side can add a welcome zestiness to the prime rib.

For a side dish, you can’t go wrong with Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, or Lemony Herb Couscous to complement your main course.

If you’re looking for something a little more outside-the-box, something that will show off your culinary chops, consider these Wagyu Meatballs with Sweet Pea Risotto.

Good risotto is one of the harder-to-master Italian dishes, synonymous with patience, and, thus, any quality risotto is an obvious labor of love. Crown a well-made risotto with Wagyu meatballs and you have a dish that can hold a candle to steak any day, especially Valentine’s.

Set the Table to Set the Mood

Create the right kind of ambience to let your Significant Other know that this isn’t just any other regular evening. A few considerate touches can go a long way towards creating an atmosphere that’s not only inviting but also a joy to linger in.

First, consider a mix of softer, low-temp lights and mood-setting candles for an intimate atmosphere.

Second, treat your dining table like a canvas. Break out your best china, cutlery, and drinkware and make some artistic decisions: Tablecloth or bare top? How about a centerpiece of your significant other’s favorite flowers, the aforementioned candles, a nicely plated appetizer to nibble on, or a gift to unwrap?

Also, if it’s been a minute since your high school home economics class, here’s a visual guide to formal table setting.

Finally, finish establishing the right vibe with some carefully curated background music, like this Spotify “Valentine’s Day Love” playlist featuring the most romantic tracks of all time.

Delicious Drinks to Pair with Your American Wagyu

Since Wagyu is on the menu, a full-bodied red is the best drink in your glass.

Red wine and red meat on Valentine’s Day are as epic a casting as Romeo and Juliet on a moonlit night in Verona. Because Wagyu possesses a rich, buttery flavor, it’s beautifully contrasted with a more vibrant and acidic, full-bodied wine such as a Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, or Shiraz. (Here are some other wine-pairing suggestions)

If you and your significant other are not big wine drinkers, a number of classic cocktails, like an Old-Fashioned or a Manhattan, hold up well to Wagyu’s decadent flavor. There’s a reason these cocktails are steakhouse standbys. Both are built from whiskey, typically bourbon or rye, which has caramel notes intense enough to stand up to beef without overpowering it. Scotch, neat or on the rocks, is not a bad idea either.

One last bit of sipping advice: have something flavor-neutral and bubbly, like sparkling water, on hand. The carbonation helps cleanse the palate, helping you fully enjoy the taste of everything else on the table.

End Your Wagyu Date Night – on a Sweet Note

Dessert is one of the greatest excuses to avoid calling it a night just yet.

Because the richness of Wagyu is easily satiating, we recommend balancing out the meal with something on the lighter side for dessert, like Lemon Curd Ice Cream or a Berry Coconut Crumble.

However, if there’s any day to indulge, it’s Valentine’s Day, so no one’s going to blame you for trying out this No-Bake Cheesecake.

Finally, put a proverbial cherry on top of a great evening by presenting a thoughtful gift that goes beyond the predictable roses or chocolates. To spark some unique gift-giving ideas, take a peek at this gallery of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him or her.

Valentine’s Day 2021 may look a little different from your Valentine’s Days of yesteryear, but celebrating your relationship at home doesn’t have to be complicated. Give your date the royal treatment with a memorable meal featuring steaks from Imperial American Wagyu Beef.